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Aug 26, 2019

Today I share the 9 most common diet mistakes I see people making and I provide guidance if you're doing one or more of these. You can find the full show notes at

Aug 19, 2019

One of the best ways to see a significant change in your health and fitness is by adopting healthy habits. Elizabeth Rider through her book, The Health Habit, helps you set those healthy habits and provides over 300 recipes to make it even better.

You can find the full show notes at

Aug 12, 2019

Cancer is the scariest word for many of us. James Hill takes us through his journey with prostate cancer and by doing so gives us a solid approach for dealing with the disease and the thoughts and fears we'll face after diagnosis. You can find the full show notes at

Aug 5, 2019

Our guest today not only walks the walk, he runs the run. He is a wonderful storyteller and I really enjoy my conversations with him. Even though his books are about running, I can tell you that you can get something out of this for pretty much any fitness endeavor that you want to take on and that was kind of my...